Dear Customers

We are open only on

Mon, Wed & Fri

11am to 2pm


I want to assure you that I am doing everything I can to make sure you my customers are safe during this challenging time.


Presently we are working, our suppliers are and able to supply part’s for repairs.


We are practising safe social distancing between ourselves and our customers and of course use of gloves and sanitiser for your devices.


We understand that many of our customers will be already be in self-isolation or preparing to.  




So, what can we do to help?




The shop is open but with restrictions



  • One customer in the shop at one time please.

    • The device will be fully cleaned with our sanitizer.


  • We will also be doing a collection and drop off service in a 10mile radius of Dorchester for people who are self-isolating.  No additional cost.


  • Please contact us to make a booking or advice?



All emergency services will be given priority and an express service (pick up or drop off) with no additional cost.


Please stay well and look after each other through these difficult times.


Kind regards